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Transformational Leadership Coach| Global Facilitator | Author | Mentor Coach

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Transformational Leadership Coach | Global Facilitator| Mentor Coach Author | Women Achiever in Entrepreneurship

Having served over 15000 leaders from the likes of IIM, Samsung, Ansell, IBM etc. With a progressive experience of almost 20 years, she finds herself as a continuous learner in space of Facilitation & Coaching for over12 years now. She is an ICF PCC, a member of the global Facilitation community. A ICF accredited Transformational Leadership coach and Coach trainer / mentor coach. Managing partner at TPC Leadership India, 20-year-old global leadership development & exec./ team coaching consultancy. Being a certified train trainer from Dale Carnegie & instruction designer.

She facilitates various programs for global leaders & their teams.


A poet & author at heart. She believes that being a Coach & Facilitator, anyone can lead a diverse & inclusive workspace easily & effortlessly to drive results that truly matter. She is on a mission to enable leaders to build a coaching & facilitation muscle too. 

She finds herself as a 'Gardener' who sows the seeds of self-belief and removes the weeds of self-doubts, for the plants (the people) and garden (the organization) both may flourish.

Expresses her experiences creatively as a poet and an author, shares her gifts, as a vlogger and Podcaster. A collaborator, known as a community builder. Innovator, a go-to consultant and problem solver.  People developer as a Facilitator, Coach, Mentor, a train the trainer. Spins the wheel of commerce as a woman Achiever- an award-winning entrepreneur. Mother to an eight-year-old, lives with a family of seven with two generations. 

A deep conversation with Deep is worth its weight in Gold, she doesn't say it, it's what she is told!

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