A sneak peek into Coaching!

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

They asked me what's coaching

Is it guiding and advising?

I said, it is Reflecting and Questioning.

Is it telling and counselling?

I said, it's pausing and silencing.

They said,

Then how is it helping?

I said, they help themselves;

For us, it’s enabling

through discovering.

Then how is it unleashing?

I said, it is tapping onto strengths through enquiries that are thought provoking.

They said, it seems like a mystery!

I said, it's about transformational chemistry.

So, as a coach what's your real role?

We let them evaluate and envision a compelling goal.

Let them uncover their true purpose and identity,

Meet many facets of their personality,

View a clearer picture of their reality.

They asked, what happens when you deal with complexity!?

What do you end up 'doing'?

I said, We focus on the 'being',

Indulge in presencing and

Bringing forth our intuition,

Which is worth presenting.

When you learn that

You know how sacred becomes your 'sensing'

When there is a lot of sharing,

We let them pick the pearls,

filter the goodness through skillful sieving.

So you mean you see and hear differently?

Yes! so they may see themselves in entirety.

We raise their awareness and let them hear a wiser inner voice,

Amidst many options, make a clear choice

Feel committed to make a shift, take responsibility

And not drift.

With our work, we focus

On the whole

Let them be in flow

Listen to their body, mind and soul.

I asked, how does it land with you so far?

Are you more clear about coaching and its power?

Then they said, we wish to know more,

I said, why not! for sure.

There is a lot for you to deep dive in here,

As our transformational leadership coaches have intriguing stories to share,

I do wish for you to soar higher than before,

Hope you find your answers here and let me say no more...

- Poem by Deep Ahuja Sharma, ICF PCC, Executive Coach, Mentor Coach, Team & Leadership Facilitator, Managing Partner, TPC Leadership, India.

This is an excerpt from our upcoming book/ anthology "Coaching Mantras" Preface. This book is co authored by 16 TPC leadership India coach community members, who are ICF certified, also many experienced leaders, who are upskilling themselves through our ICF accredited 142 hours, Transformational Leadership Coaching Program. This book also features coaching industry expert interviews with Europe & UK MCCs, MScs & PhDs.

It is a unique compilation of stories, coaching tools & techniques. We have attempted to showcase a convergence of eastern wisdom with western frameworks. You would notice excerpts from many eastern scriptures, almost in every chapter converged with competency frameworks from ICF, EMCC and TPC Leadership. Readers shall certainly find many gems while they deep dive into the ocean of coaching via this book. We are excited to share that, we shall be ready to launch this book by International Coaching Week, May 2021.

We are humbled to donate the funds raised by this book to WYSE International, an international NGO, that is supporting emerging leaders for global change.


At TPC Leadership, we believe that "better leaders create a better world", celebrating our 20 years anniversary this year. This book is our gift to leaders & their organizations for them to build their coaching muscle. We have been Coach training across the globe for last 20 years and supporting many internal & external coaches with accreditations from ICF, EMCC & ILM.


Looking forward to another attempt to close the knowing-doing and being gap via this book!

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