Breakfree Women

Today, during a workshop with women leaders from across Industry, I was amazed looking at their accomplishments, talents and potential.

While, we were working on our Beliefs, attitude and behaviours. When asked, what would you like to achieve?

Someone said, I want to unlock the self appointed cage and allow my self to fly. A few others said I wish to fly and touch the sky.

It recalled this poetry that, I composed and narrated during a "Wings of Women" program, that we conducted for an ITES organisation:

#WingsofWomen By Deep Ahuja Sharma While you are humble & grounded May you always find strength to spread your wings and fly… limits exist only in the mind believe in yourself and try… When you know you are powerful beyond measure Then why to hesitate or shy. #choosetochallenge the inner fight take the much awaited flight Give yourself permission To play, to explore, to achieve There is nothing in this world, that you can’t receive You just need to believe Be ok with your imperfection Listen to your inner voice Exercise a conscious choice Don’t let the interferences make the noise My wish for you is that you believe in yourself Soar high & touch the sky…

I concluded with reflecting, that as we all have some parts of us successful, we might have some other parts of us failing.

Having heard everyone's life story and relating with them.


"When I look back at my life, the ups and downs tell me , that I am alive and awake and what is an ECG with a straight line?!"

"Seems like to fly, we need to allow ourselves to breakfree from inner and outer cages, time and again."

And, I shared this song with them, that might bring a smile on your face too.

About the Author:

Deep Ahuja Sharma is a Woman achiever in Enterprenuership, managing partner of TPC Leadership, India. A leadership trainer and ICF certified Coach trainer and Mentor Coach with almost 2 decades of overall professional exeprience. A poet and a writer at heart, her upcoming book and online course would be launched soon, to enable professionals to LEAD and thrive in all aspects of Life and work.

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