Everyone is Unique

"Each one is unique, so shall be the developmental technique"- Deep

This picture was shared by Swati in our transformative learners group today.

It reinforced for me, that each one of us, is capable of doing and achieving a unique goal. In this journey of life, we shall maximise our own potential not compete with others.

Hence, as a people developer, enterprenuer, and a mother. I am learning one must always know that each one is born to live up their own potential. Comparison may only put their capability into set limits and the infinite beauty of life can be missed.

The questions, I wish to ask are:

How can we live upto our highest potential?

How can we make others more of themselves?

How can we help them uncover their strengths?

Also, I wish to say..

On this journey of life,

There will be few ahead of you

There will be few behind

In chasing their milestones

Let's not get blind

You are special, You are unique,

so is your destination

Keep calm and carry on!

#believeinurself #firstloveurself

Do let me know what do you think?

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