Transformational Conversations- A Poem

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

I wish to be that bench

Where you greet and meet your higher self

Where your inner five elements meet the outer

The water, the earth, the space, the fire and air

You soak yourself in gratitude of this solitude

Your heart intends to extend prayer

Where the breeze put your body at ease

The flow of water help you cleanse

The mother earth give you support and comfort

The fire illuminate you inside out

The calmness of the space

encouraging the best in you to sprout

The blue sky gives you many options in life to try

Where you pause reflect and take a relief full sigh

Find the life's purpose and your why

Commit to something worth remembering before you say goodbye👋

You must know, You are a unique creation

Come let's have a transformational conversation

Let's do some purposeful planning

To firm the plans,

Set some intention and do some visualization

Deep dive into reality and give wings to imagination

Align your thought, feeling & action

Let go of fears and hallucination

Make this a perfect place to be & do some preparation

Let's take charge, get focused and transform any situation.

Poet’s Reflection; In my work as a transformational coach, allowing such space to my clients where their creative energies find a place to flow is an utter pleasure. My coaching practice helps me to build mindful muscle for myself as well, where I put myself and my coachee away from the distractions and enable them to meet their highest best versions.

If this interests you : you might find my poems published in the book Elephantism and Coaching Mantras also pretty intriguing. I have also shared many coaching tools in Coaching Mantras book, where you would find unique coaching stories by many ICF certified Transformational Leadership Coaches from our ICF Coach training Academy

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