How to make conscious choices amidst chaos?

"When you reflect and pause, you bring clarity to chaos"- Deep

Do you find yourself swamped with work or webinars these days?

Are you overfeeding yourself with distractions or workload?

Here are a few tips that came through my actions & reflections and my work with many coaching clients across the globe.

#1. MEAL - This is a TPC Leadership sustained high performance framework that

What if you know what adds meaning / enjoyment/ achievement to your life?

What are you learning or you can learn that can take you closer to same?

Being a mentor coach and faculty for Transformational Leadership Coaching Program- TPC Leadership it gives me enough MEAL;-), to see the coaches we train, get connected to all four components by the means of becoming a exceptional coach (internal within an organization or external as a freelance). They enjoy cooking & savoring this wholesome nutritional MEAL. See what they have to say about us

#2. SENSES: This mnemonic, I created to enable myself & my clients to stay balanced in every role of their life.

Here is the description of the same: S as in Sleep, E as in Exercise, N- Nutrition, S-Space, E-Energizing Habit and last S as in Support.

You can watch my brief video here to see & value add as to how do you maintain your balance while you play various roles in your personal & professional lives, that my wonderful colleague Valeria from Italy reposted SENSES- Striking Balance

#3. Fresh Canvas- When you feel saturated or overwhelmed, take a deep breath, ask yourself -What do I wish to paint on this fresh canvas of my life? What would my well wisher/ mentor tell me to do? How shall I be? Here is a small video on how I did it: Inside out & Outside In View- #deepreflections

I wish you all the best and let me know how did you find these small tips & what do you already do really well to lead a balanced & a conscious life full of conscious choices:-)

More power to You!! With Gratitude Deep

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