Embrace your Emotions- A poem by Deep Ahuja Sharma

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Don’t just run or escape

As that my friend, might blur the landscape.

Get connected to your purpose & cause,

Stop, reflect, pause, to bring clarity to inner chaos.

Deal with it, if you chose to heal it.

Attend to it, as a mother attends to a crying child

Just screaming for attention, getting wild,

Tackle it, when it knocks your door, while its mild.

Look at it, before it goes out of your hand

Sometimes real treasures are found,

on an unchartered land.

Talk to a trusted friend who has a listening heart,

As listening with pure presence, is surely an art.

You might not get the cure,

You would see some path for sure.

When your heart desires to cry, please let the tears pore,

No matter how hard your head try.

Let them say their story,

Don’t let them hide behind the camouflaged glory,

There is gain in the pain

Rainbows after all, rise with some sunshine & rain!!

Life is an exploration,

Could you please pause to sense your emotion?

Emotion is just energy in motion...

Allow yourself to feel it, say it, see it, show it, to heal it,

Because if you won’t, who else would deal with it?

Don’t just run or escape As that my friend, might blur the landscape...

Poet’s reflection:

As my work in the field of coaching also a TA counsellor, chakra healer, I come across many cases, where people tend to refrain from feeling their true emotions, just by allowing them the sacred space, with pure presence, these people tend to open up, and release their heartfelt barriers. Then it just becomes easy to train the brain to support what they wish to achieve, and how they wish to be. I use various tools from EI, TA, Positive Psychology to help bring the shifts in my client’s current & future state.

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