Let your light shine brighter!

Picture Source : Female Lead on Linkedin

Having gone through these posts that Amanda Gorman's chose to compose and recite this beautiful poem on presidential inaugration and in the end leave the audience with this thought to ponder!

I got inspired and happened to compose this poem after my industry peer Shilpa's post. I thought why not preserve and may be later build on it, as it came from heart!

So, here you go...

May we all claim our light & let it shine bright

Stay resilient, no matter how dense is the

darkness of fears

Face them head on, so we may dry our tears

May we all be the light and see the light of other

Let not the self doubts come in our way to bother

Let's sow the seeds of self belief to diminish the chatter

Because chaos presents an opportunity to pause and reflect

So we let go of the weeds and clutter

May we enable, empower and pull someone from stumbling on the stairs

May we all

Stay courageous, stay humble as well as fierce!



Hope you like it and should you have further thoughts to build upon this..do post in the comments.

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