Realize your True Potential

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

You are an incredible soul

which has a unique role

It is meant to be discovered

Feel that you are empowered

You just need to see through it

Transform your life script

There may be some dust that has settled on your glasses

You just need to clean the screen

Get rid of the dust

Let your capabilities get no rust

You are made for more

You just need to trust

Its okay to let your strengths sprout

Let the fears go out

While say good bye to self doubt

Let it all out

And see who you truly are

Realize your inner power

You take charge of your life

Be the one who raises the bar

We are all made to illuminate like a sun and shine like a star 🌟

-Deep Ahuja Sharma

Poet's Reflection:

I work with my clients who are climbing up the ladder from hi potential to Sr. Leaders. I enable them to craft their Vision, Goals & Plans.

If I keep working with them on the surface and give them some tactical alignment they may succeed for a short term, however I work with them at the deeper level and help them define and craft their journey after discovering their strengths that sustains. I enable them to create a responsible plan that takes care of their work life balance and holistic wellbeing.

Its an honor to see my clients claim their space, upon unlocking their potential.

When did you feel most alive, and what led to that?

What would you do and be if you weren't afraid?

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