Selling With Noble Purpose Since then!

Six years ago, I met this influencial and purposeled leader/ author Lisa Earle McLeod in #Chicago who inspired me get close to my higher purpose while driving 'Noble Selling Purpose' in the organisation, I was with. Brought fantastic results for the organisation as a result of driving this.

In 2015, I took a leap of faith after spending 7 years with the previous organisation as a retail sales leader, internal leadership developer, leadership mentor and coach. I did make similar strides there but having to work with multiple organizations, peers and participants from across the globe is another adventure all together. Since then I have been practicing coaching and leadership development externally and strive to make a difference to those I work with. Had some wonderful feedback from leaders and mangers of Indiamart, Maruti Suzuki, IRS officers of India, GMR IGI Airport, CISF soldiers and more.

Became a Managing Partner, India of a global leadership and coaching consultancy in 2016, after showing 4x growth, won a Women Acheiver in Enterprenuership Award in 2018, felicitated by Lady Singham of India. I am humbled to have developed over 100 professionals/ leaders as Coaches from India and around the world. I have facilitated for over 25000 hours, coached for over 4500 hours virtually and in person. Discovered the poet and author within, co authored 4 books in 2021 and many more to be written in days to come.

Can't stop dreaming, believing and achieving much more than who I have become by enabling individuals, teams and organisations to be who they wish to be!

Just wanted to share all this didn't come easy, I had my share of external and internal challenges, that I had to overcome. Still on this adventure of life learning everyday and not leaving a stone unturned to maximise my potential. Build your influence, connections and bring your special gifts to the world. Support has to be created while some come easy, rest you need to claim your space yourself, build your own boundaries, take your own decisions, take charge and make your own #choices.

Stay #passionate, #purposeful, #sellwithnoblepurpose #Profitsfollow

Above all #believeinyourself. #keepdreaming #noblepurpose #highercalling

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