What would you do, if you knew you have limited time?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Someone in our women enterprenuers network- Shemantra, posted this image possessing a deep meaning. I ended up engaging with many Why's?

When you remember your loved ones and you come with a date of expiration, it instantaneously changes the equation.

You bless yourself and others. You recall their best and be at your best.

When I got tested positive for Covid last year. With the fear of worst that could happen to my life. The best of me was waiting to come out and express itself.

The things I was postponing were all crossing my eyes, I always desired to engage with poetry, impact lives through my writing and podcasts,

while I had solitude, could meditate and wrote one poem everyday on almost every facet of my life and that is being published as a compilation next month.

There is no stopping since then, I am engaging with my purpose, aspiration and vocation everyday and sharing my reflections here. I created this website as it serves as a platform for me to express myself fully and lead my life while enabling others to lead theirs.

So, when we know we are stamped too with an expiration, you don't count days, you make your days count and then every day becomes an inspiration!

I wish to serve the coaches make a larger impact by enabling them build themselves as a successful coachprenuer and corporate leaders to become a successful intraprenuer (both the ambassadors of transformation).

I wish to enable as many women as possible to lead & balance their lives by unlocking their fullest potential.

As the "purpose of my life is to co create a space for people to believe in self and recieve everything they aspire to achieve".

Do share what passed your mind when you looked at that image? What would you like to do about it?

About the Author:

Deep is a poet and author at heart. She is an award winning womanpreneur, Managing Partner at TPC Leadership India, a global leadership development and coaching consultancy. A certified facilitator, ICF PCC, NLP, EI, TA, Leadership and Team coach. Having served over 15000 leaders from the likes of IIM , Rolls Royce, Kronos etc. She develops coaches into coachprenuers, leaders into intraprenuers with her innovative and supportive ways. She is passionate about spreading the power of coaching & leading with purpose for leaders, their teams & transform orgnaisations at multiple levels.


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