Wonder what comes in your way to success?

If you wish to achieve different results, operate out of a different BABE . Now you would be wondering, what is this different BABE?!

It is

B- as in Belief

A- as in Attitude,

B- as in Behaviour &

E- as in End result.

As a coach, I get an opportunity to work at a very deeper level with my clients, as some times, we are victimized by our past experiences and operate out of victim state and desire to perform as a Victor in the present.

“Those deeper level assumptions and beliefs are supposed to be shed, so that anything fresh can be fed.”- Deep

Hence, we should be open to explore and change at a sub or unconscious level, else we would also stay trapped in our own prejudices. That keeps holding ourselves and others against invisible or unsaid facts in the present. The word ‘Assume’ can continue to make an (ASS of U and Me).

Let’s say you wish to deliver a world class presentation, however there is a voice that is bothering you time & again, that you are not good enough. Do you think you can achieve what you would like to, the way you wished?!

If your belief is set right, for example; “I can make a difference and learn to be a world class presenter overtime as those who are, started somewhere”.

How do you think your attitude would be?

One who has a growth mindset, a beginner, feeling excited & ready to learn. How would you start behaving upon feeling like that ?

You would try with a positive mindset and it would show in your body language, your tone of voice, energising your overall delivery and what do you think the end result be?

You would have brought an impact by showing up with genuine presence & authentic authority.

So, now I let you think, what have you been aspiring to achieve and haven’t been able to, the way you wish? What has been closing you down in your life & work?

Just write down those key GOALs here




What beliefs have been coming in the way?


Goal 2:

Goal 3:

Ask yourself these questions and replace it with a right BABE with this practical self coaching framework I created for my coachees.

What assumptions, could I be making?

What beliefs, could I be holding?

How does this make me and others feel?

How am I often seen as?

How else could I behave?

How could that make me feel?

What am I learning about myself and the situation?

What else, shall I factor in? What would my mentors tell me?

What beneficial beliefs could be formed?

How would I feel?

When would I try behaving differently?

What would you like to let go and move on from?

What conscious choices are you making today? What is your sustenance plan? What would you achieve?

Write down the affirmations you would chose to feed in your mind going forward :

1 Its ok to



Now when you have noted down these affirmations, it is advised that we repeat these to ourselves before going to bed & upon waking up, while the subconscious mind works as a sponge, and can support rewiring of the deep rooted beliefs.

“Its important to revisit our deep rooted beliefs, to regenerate, what supports us, so we may rejoice the fruits in the present & perform to our maximum potential every time”.

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