Women @Work 

Living with a joint family of 7, leading & balancing life. Having gone through a transformation in my own life, and in the process of enabling others. I am ever-evolving and enjoying adventures. I thoroughly enjoy enabling women to soar higher, by partnering with them as a coach & a mentor.


I blend my experience as a professional certified life & leadership coach. A certified counselor, facilitator and mentor for the last 20 years and offer to my clients a successful journey they aspire to be on.


I have supported buddying entrepreneurs, established women leaders or Women at work at all levels in the organization to rising & shine through my coaching, consulting, mentoring & facilitation skills. I have enabled women to

1.    Identify their Life’s mission, vision & Character strengths

2.    Navigate through Vision, goals & Plans

3.    Gain Self Confidence & Self Esteem

4.    Assertiveness- Ability to say ‘NO’

5.    Networking & Connecting to Influence

6.    Dealing & leading different personalities

7.    Building Resilience to manage Stress

8.    Initiating & leading change

9.    Presenting authentic self

10. Influencing a wider system for positive impact.


Inspired by the women I have experienced in my life, my mother, grandmother, sister, mother & sister in law and clients that I get the honor to work with. I composed, that I recite to every woman that inspires me!

Woman you run the World! Woman you stun the World!

You are Unique, You are You, You need no evidence, You need no proof!

You can instill life in the dead, you can still have doubts in your head,

But you have a life full of joy ahead!

Take some Charge, make some Change, there is nothing on this earth, which isn’t in your Range!

These words aren’t new, these words are just a few.

Hear your inner voice, make a Choice,

Take a leap, NO one shall weep.

Woman you run the world! Woman you stun the world!

- Deep Ahuja Sharma

  • “It has made me  a strong individual in all roles as a professional as a mother and as a daughter”-Buddying Manager

  • "Empowered" - Better control over emotions, more focused on goals and think through the ways and means to achieve the goals in a timely manner. I realized how important it was to think about myself. Lack of self-care and respect led to dissatisfaction which I realized and have started caring for myself in addition to the care of others”- CA, Finance Controller

  • “Change of perspective with regards to the approach of dealing with different people learned prioritizing, overcoming the fear which was just an imaginary object in the mind. This program has been a great learning experience overall.” –Sr. Engineer

  • “Communicate effectively and learn to negotiate without compromising on one's need.”

  • “During WOW I picked up workpieces which were left in the middle due to internal interference. Gave logical end initiative.

  • Gather lots of courage to speak up about my idea”- Buddying Leader

  • “The self-discovery assessments, coaching, visualization and meditation techniques were great”- HR Manager

  • I am glad that one of our clients received “The Best Place to Work for Women” award recently.

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Entrepreneurial Excellence Program 

Having started my own business from scratch and being able to build a market for myself through networking with the right set of people. Learning & growing myself to present my innate best version to the world out there. Build & grow communities. I started off my professional coaching journey supporting entrepreneurs from BNI (Business networking international) with a subsidized fee.

I supported them with team development programs for their teams

Leadership development programs for themselves

Within which I offered consulting, life & leadership coaching.

It helped them gain courage, clarity & conviction to carry on and build a business that leaves legacy.

It includes my Model on CONNECTION* in the workshop

Here is what I can do for you if you are an entrepreneur. Be it, Start up, MSME or SME.

I can help you identify your Value system, establish your vision, mission and goals.

Follow through on your action plans & help you measure success. Enable your team manage conflicts, through communication & collaboration programs customized keeping in mind the culture you wish to develop.

Entrepreneurial Excellence Program 1 -De
Entrepreneurial Excellence Program 2 -De

Building High-Performance Culture 

Often usual motivational talks & high-energy training pump an adrenal rush into your body and fades away when faced with distractions and no plan after that. I just don’t offer one-time motivational speeches, I follow through to help you achieve your end result.



I help you manage your budget wisely. I stay with you through the journey and strategies with you a whole year plan that ensures cultural shifts you desire to bring about.  I plan leadership & team retreats along with coaching and in-house workshops backed by an employee engagement curriculum that keeps everyone accountable and delivers results.


I work with leaders & their teams to build

  • Ownership & Accountability

  • Teamwork

  • Clarity on Goals, Role, Responsibility

  • Skill development for their existing & aspirational roles

  • It includes my model on COMPASSION* in the program.

Everything Coaching 


Having delivered short to long term coaching interventions and also embedding coaching culture, I have developed a natural style and gravitas as a coach over last 10 years.

  • Teams willing to surpass their own expectations

  • Organisations willing to build a common sense of purpose & vision Or going through changing times.

  • Leaders transiting from one level to another

  • I coach train external & internal coaches through TPC Leadership world renowned Transformational Leadership Coaching Program accredited by ICF & EMCC.


I Mentor coach buddying & established coaches to enable them gain clarity on on coaching competencies formulated by International Coach Federation, ICF. So anything under the sun, you wish to know about coaching, I might have an accurate answer to your needs! So call me to know more about:

  • Virtual or Face to face coaching

  • Sales Coaching

  • Executive Presence Coaching

  • Life coaching

  • Mentor Coaching

  • Team Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • Leadership/ Executive Coaching

  • Leader as coach Program

Whole Life Wellness Program 

I have designed and delivered a whole life wellness program for communities and corporates, that encompasses Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental wellness.

It has Breathing & Mindfulness exercises, Laughter yoga & hath yoga for the Body & Mind

Workshop on Emotional Wellness comprises my SENSES model of Stress management.


A counselling session & coaching blended session for Emotional, and mental wellbeing.

It can be run virtually or in person.